Hello world!

So you want to blog?  Yeh .. I want to blog.  According to the ‘get started’ instructions, I’m supposed to work towards ‘becoming famous.’  Not so sure that’s where I’m headed, but I can’t seem to kick this innate urge to write.  I used to blog on MySpace and it seemed pretty casual, now things seem so official.  Yikes!  What is going on in our world?  Luckily, I’m a realist and understand that the likelyhood of more than a handful of readers tuning in to my words is slim.  Whew!

The tagline for my blog is ‘The conversation of my Faith.’  The best explanation for what I plan to write about is my journey as a Christian.  I don’t know what the ‘official’ rules of blogging are, but it seems that it’s more of a ‘one-way’ conversation.  A conversation where you seek to gain insight and either are rewarded with that insight or are challenged by the thoughts of someone that you may have never met.  Almost like reading a book.

My conversation really started back in 2007.  I wrote a blog entitled ‘Googling God.’   Wow!  I’ve come to so far since then!  While my journey began like a beautiful romance, somewhere along the way, my beautiful bubble burst.  I plan to share some of the experiences I’ve had.  Knowing my own history better than anyone, it’s very possible that some of my thoughts are going to challenge you.  I don’t set out to be confrontational.  I choose to believe that when we feel challenged by something someone says, it is because God is asking us to take a good look in the mirror.  What we do with the challenge is up to us.  If that happens, all I can say is, ‘Don’t shoot the messenger!’ 🙂

With that thought, I invite you to tune in to my conversation.