Umm … that was awkward

Have you ever witnessed spiritual bloodshed?  In our day and age, it’s not only something that we witness and partake in, but something that they create entire television series on.  This is the battle of the tongue where people lash and gash at each other with verbal assaults.

I almost think this kind of assault is worse than murder.  Jesus claims it’s the same.  In a murder, the body you just took the life of doesn’t get back up.  In the world of the tongue however, the body may be bloody, but it gets right back up.  Umm .. can we say, awkward?

I’m guessing now that the political race is over, this is how many must feel.  After the most expensive presidential race in our history, our ballots have been cast and counted, it turns out, not much has changed.  We are right where we left off.  So now what?

Can I just tell you that I really feel a lot of hope for our future?  Truthfully, I cast my vote for Jesus, along with 2 million other voters, and it turns out that Almighty God said .. ‘Let it remain.’  It’s almost like Dad stepped up, took a look and said, ‘You all got in this mess together and you will sit here and work it out together.’

Seriously!  This excites me.  We have been through 9/11 and we lost several thousand lives.  It shook our nation!  There are many that believe this was a wake up call to our nation because we have strayed from God.  I can’t help but suspect they might be right.  But yet, God hasn’t destroyed us, as He did Sodom and Gomorrah.  I see Him giving us mercy after mercy!  He is working with us to correct us instead of simply destroying us!  WOW!

Even as our country has fallen into economic debt, I see this as hope.  I suspect that we are on the cusp of some awesome things to come .. but I see God’s hand orchestrating and waking us up.  Waking us up to realize that we all need Him, not just the homosexuals and those that have had abortions.  But what about us?  Weren’t we using our tongue casting spiritual bloodshed just yesterday?  Did we not involve ourselves in that?  Truth is, it isn’t just those that carry their sins on their sleeves that need a big dose of repentance and fear of God, but ALL of us do.

I really do believe that Jesus wants to deliver all of us from sin.  Things may be awkward today because yesterday, we were all picking sides.  But today, we’re all still on the same team.  It’s like God is saying it’s time to play together and allow God to work in all our lives.

We can either choose to come together and work towards that goal, or we can make things worse and give the Mormon’s a chance to have their White Horse prophecy come to pass at the next election because it didn’t play out this round.

I’m personally choosing to support our president, our God chosen leadership, in prayer.  No, I don’t agree with all his decisions, but I know this, my duty as a God-fearing Christian is to pray that God would lead and direct him and open his eyes to God’s ways.  This is exactly what I intend to do!

The blood bath is over and luckily, the only real lives that were lost were due to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, a natural disaster.  Today though, we have a chance to start a new, roll our sleeves up and say, ‘Okay.  Let’s get back to work.’

I’m excited about what God is gonna’ do!


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