What it looks like at our house

I don’t know what being a follower of Christ looks like at your house, but let me give you a glimpse of what it looks like at ours.  I came home from work the other day to a very excited husband!  About a year ago, he enlisted my help in redoing his 1965 Chevelle.  He took the engine out, then put me to work sand blasting the rust.  Yesterday, after many hours of work, my husband finally got the engine compartment, frame, and wheels painted!

He was proud as a peach and you would have thought he just did a major marathon.  He was talking a mile a minute about his task.  It looked fabulous!  Knowing what a tedious job it was to sand blast, I appreciated what it must have been to paint it.  He was telling me how the special thick paint that we had gotten was getting stuck in the spray can and he says, excitedly, ‘I was like … ohhh Jesus! Please help me!’  He continued to share how he kept appealing to Jesus to help him get the task done.  And with Jesus’ help, complete it he did!

Of course, it doesn’t always look as fun, and sometimes we struggle because we know we may not have hit the mark.  Sometimes, when I’ve been a bit cranky, my husband will ask me, ‘Have you prayed today?’  Jesus is always there in the really tough moments, but maybe in those moments, we lose sight of Him until after the dust has settled.  But once the dust settles, we spend time asking for forgiveness .. not just to Jesus, but to each other.

Sometimes following Jesus at our house is just lying in bed, listening to my husband at 4 in the morning because he can’t sleep.  I hear him softly whispering prayers to Jesus.  Sometimes it’s listening to my hubby sing the good ole’ Jesus songs that speak of the Cross and the power of Jesus’ blood.

I guess at our house, we figure that following Jesus means including Him in on the little things in our life just as much as the big things when we really need Him.



5 thoughts on “What it looks like at our house

  1. Amen, and poor Jesus gets to listen to me blather on when I’m bored too. 🙂

  2. karenworth says:

    Your post made me tear up. So precious! I shared the bit about your husband’s whispered prayers with my Bible study friends this very day. Thanks for being transparent! Lovely, you are lovely!

  3. If everyone would let Jesus Christ in their homes we would not have half the problems we do in this country and our personal lives. Keep the Faith.

    Art Noel

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