I never knew you

Does Jesus know you?  In Matthew 7:23, Jesus gets pretty bold when telling of a parable of a man who didn’t make it in the kingdom of heaven because he was never ‘known.’  Despite that the ‘signs’ were all there, the man was not known of God.

So what does that mean?  If I see the power of God working through me, doesn’t that mean He knows me?  If I am able to administer His gifts using the powerful ‘name of Jesus,’ doesn’t that mean He knows me?  But the signs are all there!  Doesn’t that mean He knows me?  I went to church!  I walked with the brethren!  I preached about Him!  I gave to the poor!  I tithed and gave alms!  I went through crap for Him and dealt with all kinds of garbage for Him!  Doesn’t that mean He knows me?

The answer is … emphatically .. no!

So if it has nothing to do with signs and the works I did, what does Jesus ‘knowing’ you mean?

My guess, it has to do with spending time with Him.  Not just talking to Him and asking Him for this and that, but the word ‘know’ used in this context denotes intimacy.  Thinking about marriage, we know our spouses not just because we were sexually intimate, but because we let our walls down.  We shared our intimate selves  .. our fears, our anger, our hurts, our joys, all of the things that we allow only that one special someone to see.

So I do believe it is possible to do all the things I’ve listed above and still, Jesus might not know us.  It’s like the man in the marriage who couldn’t understand why his marriage had fallen apart.  Wasn’t he doing all that he was supposed to do?  Wasn’t he kind, courteous, respectful, helpful around the house, a good provider?  But if he was all those things, why did his wife leave him?  Because he never took time to let his wife know who he really was behind the facade of being ‘that perfect husband.’

I think this is what Jesus expects of us.  Not to put on a facade and show just what a perfect ‘bride’ we would be for Him.  But that we took time to put our own walls down and let Him know us.  It’s then that He can wrap His arms around us and be our everything.  He desires intimacy just as much as we do.  After all, we were made in His image.


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