Is anyone else noticing this?

I’ve done a few blogs about movies recently.  Both of them considered apocalyptic type movies.  Honestly, prior to knowing Christ, I didn’t pay much attention to End of the World type movies.  I guess I was too busy living the life I had to think about anything other than that.  It’s almost as if I had tunnel vision.

Certainly there were times when my attention was captured for a moment, but honestly, it had less to do with God and His return.  I just simply did not know.  I didn’t know Jesus was coming back.  I knew nothing of the Rapture.  I’m certain it was spoken of to or at me throughout my life, but it just never clicked as something I needed to actually know.

When 9/11 happened, I remember feeling fear.  I feared most for my family.  I was an adult and a young mom at that.  Despite that I had done well in school and even had some college under my belt, I don’t remember even thinking about things like the Holocaust and the Nazi German control.  I didn’t know anything about the New World Order.  I say that because now that I know God, I am aware of so much that is happening around me.  I can ‘see the signs of the times’ if you will.  I can see how we are edging closer and closer to One World Government.  I can see how we are edging closer and closer to Jesus’ return.

How did I make it thirty something years and miss such important things?  I suppose when I think of that, it’s not hard to see why so many people seem to be in that same place .. simply unaware of the spiritual realities of where we are on God’s calendar.  I watch as my son is being taught these things in school and really, it just simply doesn’t mean anything to him because it’s not happening to him or someone he knows.  To him it seems irrelevant. Oh that he would understand!

I did a search on the list of apocalyptic movies that are out there.  Wikipedia, the source of all sources < grin > actually shows a very nice list, all laid out according to ten-year increments.  The list contains 176 films to date with the  first listed in 1933 called Deluge.  What really caught my attention is that 40% .. 70 … of these types of movies have been created in the last 12 years.  I’m wondering, is anyone else starting to notice this?

I’m not referring to those that are already aware.  I’m speaking of those that are still in their own little bubble.  Is there attention starting to peak a little?  I still feel like I’m in that place .. that slow motion place that I blogged about yesterday.  I can see the ‘Matrix’ if you will .. I can also see how God can be heard if you are listening to His voice through the very same system.  BUT, how do we get people to listen?  Understanding is great .. but this is always the place of dilemma for me.  What do you do with the truth you know?

Call me crazy, but the only thing I know to do is pray for the WHOLE world.  Call me crazy, but the only one I know that can fix this is Jesus.  Call me crazy, but I really believe that my prayers can make a difference.  I know what’s it like to be on the inside of the tunnel.  I wasn’t ignoring God on purpose when I was in the tunnel.  I just didn’t know that He was a living God that was accessible in the here and now.  I didn’t realize His voice.  I just figured I would contend with Him when I died.  The things that were happening around me seemed irrelevant to me.  My guess, there’s a whole lot of people in that same boat.

Call me crazy, but I’m praying that the WHOLE world begins to take notice.  Because regardless of whether they do or not, He’s coming … soon.


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