The Great Outdoors

Since I’ve started hunting, I’ve enjoyed being outdoors, however, I have discovered that there is a lot of idle time where not much is happening.  Truthfully, my passion lies more in ministry than it does hunting.  Spending so much time in the woods recently, I’ve discovered a great way to connect with God in the outdoors .. it’s looking for the analogy to ministry.

This weekend, after several hours in the woods .. God gave me a revelation.  The bible talks about the harvest being full, but that we are to pray for more workers.  I haven’t found anyplace where the Bible speaks of people being deer, but I had the thought today that hunting for the ‘big buck’ could be like trying to find workers for the harvest.

To clarify, I believe it’s less of what we do and all of what God’s doing that involves others.  I believe it really is a partnership with God where He uses and involves us in His work and I figure I’d rather have it be fun and enjoyable.  I had the revelation today that there are many similarities to hunting.

For instance, I like my husband’s idea of management hunting.  In this, you don’t shoot a buck unless its rack is beyond it’s ears.  Doing so allows the buck to live longer, produce more, and of course, put a nicer size rack on your wall.  It not only adds to the challenge of the hunt, but personally, it just seems that deer should be allowed to live longer than just their first year or two.  There’s a few other rules that apply, but for the purpose of this particular blog, my focus is on the big buck.

I had the epiphany that the big buck is like finding that one person that once converted, jumps in right away to do the work of the Lord .. like a Paul or a Peter.  See, these men didn’t suddenly develop all the skills to be successful in ministry, they developed them in the world and had an awesome conversion experience.  Then they jumped in full force .. ready to do the ministry.  These men are like the big buck that skilled hunters work towards.

Like ministry, hunting takes time.  Most of the time is in preparation and then, it’s wait on the Lord.  Just like in ministry.  We spend a lot of time preparing .. we study the Word, we listen to preachers, we may even attend classes .. but ultimately, it’s up to God to put people in your path that are ready to be discipled.  Just like hunting.  There’s all kinds of cool gadgets to get, things to learn, tracking to do, and on and on, however, it’s really up to God to bring those deer in your path.  Certainly you can plan the perfect stand with the perfect wind, plant fields of soy beans, create paths for the deer, attempt to call them in with grunt calls and rattling, but still … it’s a waiting on the Lord to do His part .. that ultimately brings that buck in your path.

Seeing the big buck takes much time and patience .. then there’s shooting it.  These big guys are smart!  They have been around the block a time or two and can smell a hunter from miles away!  The Paul’s and Peter’s of the world are just like that.  Paul, before his conversion, was killing Christians.  It literally took an act of God to open his eyes!  Think about the people that we see out in the world, we can recognize a big buck from miles away!  The ones who have the skills and gifts that were originally designed to propel God’s Kingdom forward.  However, it’s as if instinctively, they know someone’s trying to ‘get’ them .. so they avert spiritual places or people until one day, at the perfect timing … God positions the perfect scenario and then … BANG!  It’s instant conversion.

Regarding the shoot .. my husband taught me that it’s really best to focus on the pin and let the target or deer get a little fuzzy in your vision.  This is a bit frightening, but somehow, it really does give a better shot.  Just like getting that big conversion.  Ultimately, it’s God who guides the shot.  My brother ‘got me’ if you will but he didn’t even realize he was aiming!  His gun happened to be a 4 minute You Tube video that he felt compelled to send me and little did he realize at the time, but all stars were in alignment and his shot was perfect!  BANG!  Instant conversion!

From there where the analogy goes, I’m not sure yet.  I figure I have plenty of hours in the woods for God to reveal things to me.

See?  Having a relationship with God doesn’t always have to be about the ‘churchy’ things and it’s certainly NOT boring!  He’ll reveal Himself in ALL things if you ask Him!  Prov 3:5-6

Man I love Him!  🙂


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