Chugga .. chugga ..

Hmmm … I was feeling a bit overwhelmed yesterday, then I realized that I was running around trying to catch what must have been bad eggs being thrown at me.  Almost like I was in a circus act with the devil.  Apparently I have been feeling that it would be absolutely dreadful to drop the eggs.  Then last night, I remembered .. oh yeh, Jesus already won the battle.  That means, if I drop an egg or two, it’s no big deal.  It might get a little stinky from the egg, but life and death is not dependent on me.  Ahhhhh … relief!

However, the eggs still keep coming.  Then I remembered the story about the ‘Little Engine That Could.’  You remember, the little blue train engine that had to pull his load up a big hill and didn’t think he could?  I can’t remember who encouraged him, but someone did and the thought, ‘I think I can .. I think I can,’ helped him defeat the hill.  I decided why not look at these eggs as a challenge to be overcome?

It’s not often that I get a chance to actually realize what’s being thrown at me.   Typically it looks more like a massive mess with me having egg all over my face.  I figure why not use this as an opportunity to overcome the challenges being thrown at me .. fear, intimidation, bullying, anger, rage, obstinance .. just to name a few.  If I drop an egg or two, it’s no big deal.  I’m not expected to be perfect and I truly do understand and appreciate mercy and grace that Jesus grants me.  I also have a better understanding, after listening to Joyce Myers, that grace is to help you handle the situation as Jesus would want you to handle the situation .. not just cover up any messes I make.

So with the help of almighty God, I’m poised and ready to catch these bad eggs!  I woke up with an extra heaping of faith and hope this morning for breakfast so, here we go .. I think I can!

Chugga .. chugga ..


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