A Remodel Job

Jesus was a carpenter.  I’m fairly certain that the job He’s doing on me and my family, is a remodel job.  If I had to guess, I would be one of those old homes that from the outside might look a little unsteady, but has some solid beams inside.  My guess is that the comment could be made, ‘Well .. it needs a lot of work, but BOY does it have character!’

Now perhaps, as you read this, you might be thinking, ‘That’s much like myself.  Isn’t everyone a remodel job?’  After seeing families like the Duggers of 19 and Counting, I’m not so sure.  It seems that they were built of new construction.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m just stating the facts.  It seems that a remodel job takes a bit more effort than starting from scratch.  The Dugger family is certainly blessed and anointed!  I think this is a beautiful thing.

I, however, wasn’t brought up in the church.  Neither were my children.  Christ uncovered my spiritual life finding a single, divorced mom who had very little knowledge in the ways of God.  A clean slate spiritually, but with a worldly foundation.  He has had His work cut out for Him!  He’s had to tare down some structures, seal off some doors, and open up new hallways to prepare for the new addition .. my husband and his children.

Of course, I can look at my family and see why God chose our house as a remodel job.  I can see through the chaotic drama or the frustrating commotion to what He saw .. the potential of the character inside.  Of course, it doesn’t always look pretty and sometimes, it’s dangerous to go inside certain areas, especially when He’s working, but never-the-less, it’s really starting to come together.

I used to think that you had to grow up in the church to get that anointing and blessing, but I’m seeing more and more that I was incorrect.  The blessing and anointing comes from following God .. period.  The more that I learn His ways, the more I learn that it doesn’t matter what my life looked like before I knew Christ.  So maybe it’ll take me a little longer to experience the blessing, but lo and behold, it’s still there!

The way I choose to look at it is that I’ve decided to pick up a tool or two and help Jesus with the job.  Truthfully, I really do admire families like the Duggers.  They truly show a life separate unto God and the blessings that follow.  However, I’m thankful that I’m a remodel job.  It seems that our world consists or more remodel jobs than new construction.  There’s a lot of families who, like me, didn’t start out in the church.  There’s a lot of people who need to know that even though they didn’t start out in this, the same non-financial blessings that the Duggers experience can still apply to them.

They need to know that Jesus is a carpenter.  He’s got the talent to construct from scratch or remodel something that’s already been structured.  His jobs always produce blessing and anointing.  He’s that good!  Maybe our attempts to help might muck it up from time to time, but lucky for us, He’s gracious enough to smile and nod at our feeble attempts to throw the hammer.  Personally, I really believe that Jesus wants a relationship with me and that means, I have to be involved and engaged.

What fun is a remodel job if you have to do all the work yourself?








6 thoughts on “A Remodel Job

  1. What a great post! I feel the same way, but you put it into words for me. I’m so glad Jesus was a carpenter – there is so much work to be done in me!

  2. sudebaker says:

    Honey, *everybody’s* a remodel job. That’s what Jesus is doing every day, every minute. Sinners are all around us. It’s the great equalizer 😀 Hugs!

  3. Such a great analogy. This sounds silly, but in a way I feel like I was somewhat of a new construction, but then became dated and a bit rundown. God has spent quite a bite of time tearing out the things that I built up, and a lot of that has happened in the past few years. Like He is going from room to room, ripping out the old, replacing it with the new. I had somewhat of an upbringing in the church and found God young, sure. But there were times that things were neglected and uncared for.

    He is so good to us. Great post!!

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