‘ .. In honor, preferring one another.’

Have you heard about the conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany?  They just started a show on TLC about their ‘normal conjoined life’.  My daughter told me about this, so we’ve been watching the show.  It’s pretty good.  Yet another marvelous story of God’s glory!  These girls, despite their physical obstacles, have overcome some incredible barriers and have an amazing attitude towards life.  But what strikes me most, is their ability to compromise and work together.

They haven’t done much preaching on the show, but it is very obvious that they are Christians.  They have attended Christian schools all the way through college.  On the show, there was a scripture they had painted on their wall .. I believe it was on their college wall.  It was the scripture in Romans that spoke of preferring one another.  What’s really neat is watching these two girls truly live according to this scripture.

You would think that because they are conjoined they don’t have much choice, but we always have a choice.  One of these girls could very easily assert her way over what she wants to wear or what she wants to do, but time, good parenting, and strong Christian character has produced this miraculous wonder.  I am so impressed watching them.  It’s easy to see that all those that come in contact with them are just as impressed.  This amazes me!

Oddly, I watch them and I think .. ‘Wow!  Now there’s an example of how I’m supposed to be with my husband.’  They are gentle, encouraging, upbeat, loving, and compromising to each other.  Honestly, I miss the mark .. I know I do.  However, I can’t help but feel inspired that it really is possible to live that scripture out.  Of course, these girls have had the benefit of living this way their whole life, but still, this is awe-some!  This is such the hand of God!

It’s not just in what they choose to wear or what to do for the day though.  They talk about their dreams and goals and one will share something that maybe the other would be afraid to do.  Rather than reply with passive aggression or stubborn behavior towards the other, the other twin will calmly let the other know she’s willing to do for her sister.  Now I’m sure  there are moments where the girls might have bad days, but the gentle demeanor they display has left an impression on me that these two girls are for-real.

I love it when you can see the fruit of God’s labor!  What a beautiful thing!  I’m thankful that these girls were willing to share their lives so that those of us who haven’t had all our lives to learn to be one with another human, can glean from their experience.  Wow!

Thank you Jesus.  What a great artist You are!


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