In God’s Economy

I’ve heard it said that God’s economy is like socialism.  Now personally, I still don’t have a complete understanding of exactly what socialism is, but I don’t think that’s a fair comparison.  I’m not even sure that we humans have a term to accurately describe what happens in God’s economy, so I’m going to do my best to give an explanation.

See, last night, I had a dream that I had some girls, who I somehow knew were angels, working on my house.  When you know God, there’s this thing that happens to you, I think it’s called ‘love’ .. but honestly it’s something that I still haven’t wrapped my mind around fully.  This thing that happens gives you this desire to want to do things for God.  There’s no worry about getting paid or reimbursed or fitting it in .. it just happens EVERYWHERE you go.  Whether that be talking about how great He is and the awesome things He’s done, or helping someone you know He has put in your path.

Giving to His kingdom isn’t a chore, nor is it a duty, and it isn’t something you  feel forced to do.  It’s something that you look forward to doing and it energizes you as you do it!  Until you get to that point, it really is hard to understand because in our human world, we are used to giving and receiving.  The old tit for tat method.  What’s cool though, is even if you are more of a ‘slave’ for Christ, He shows you how He doesn’t even treat you like a slave.  He treats you with honor and respect and gives you the benefit of being His child, even if you don’t fully grasp that yet.  He continues to treat you that way until you ‘get it.’  That’s His economy.

In God’s economy, money has no meaning.  The value is fully placed on human lives .. living souls.  No one knows better how to invest in them, than almighty God!

I’m so thankful this morning!  I am personally beginning to see the profitable gains in the lives that He has been investing in those that I love.  I can’t help but be overwhelmed by this!  I really am seeing the blessings of following after Him, even when it was tough .. even when I didn’t understand what He was doing .. even when I had moments of doubt.

It’s like taking the word love, putting it in the center of the room, hanging in mid-air, then watching it disappear and grow while at the same time, feeling it fill not just your entire being, but feeling it fill every crack and crevice that surrounds you so that you are walking in this invisible sea of His very being!  That’s how I feel this morning.  God is so good!

Not sure if I did a good job of conveying meaning here, but sometimes, the words just don’t accurately explain what knowing Him is really about.

So thankful!

Thank you Jesus.  🙂


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