False balance or just weight?

The scripture in Proverbs 11:1 caught my attention this morning.  It says, ‘A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.’  It made me think of how we often try to achieve balance in our lives.  I know there have certainly been times in my life when I was trying to create what I thought was balance, but instead, it was really a false balance.  You know the times, when you put on a smile or a good show for the neighbors when inside, you really are feeling horrible.  Somehow though, the show helps to make you ‘feel’ better, but truly, there’s something still rotting inside.

Or in others, we recognize that they ‘appear’ to have everything in order, but there’s this mischievous look in their eye or an arrogance in their speech that tells you, they don’t have it together as much as things appear.  There is a particular political figure that reminds me of this, and no, it’s not either one of the presidential candidates.

When it’s myself, God usually gets my attention pretty good to make me realize that I’m out of whack.  I’m thankful that when I have moments of too much pride, God send in His angels to knock me to my knees and remind me that pride was the very thing that cost Lucifer his prestigious position.  However, what of those who obviously don’t know God?  I’m thinking specifically of this particular political person.

It’s easy for me to have mercy on men and woman who have never had a fair shot at life and have followed the path that comes with being at the bottom of the barrel.  It’s easy to look with understanding and see how circumstance and training led them to the place where they made horrible decisions.  However, what of those who had that silver spoon in their mouth?  What of those who were bred and born into pride and human riches?  Can I find mercy for these people?

I suppose I’m going to have to do a gut check and realize that yes, Christ died for even those folks.  Perhaps these are like the Pharisees and Sadducees.  Those who had it all, yet never understood the full meaning of what the law was intended to do, which is cleanse the heart.  I suppose that means that instead of putting a wall up and ignoring those individuals, I should work harder to pray for them.

Otherwise, I risk being just like them.  Gulp.  Hmm … just weight doesn’t always balance out.  But I suppose when you use Christ as your measuring stick, He takes care of getting things to equal out.

I think that now more than ever, our political leaders need our prayers.  Not just the ones we like or plan to vote for.  Deception is running rampant in the political arena.  They need our prayers just as much as the next guy.


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