Spiritual workover

As a massage therapist, I have a very unique perspective of the human body.  I treat pain management .. both acute and chronic pain.  My specialty is deep tissue.  I cringe when I hear it, but some of my best customers will promote me by saying things like, ‘She’ll get you alright!  You’ll hurt for days when she’s done with you!’

Of course, these well-meaning clients have an understanding that sometimes, in order to get better, there is pain to break up old patterns in the body.  While it may sometimes feel like I’m simply digging my bony elbow in their flesh, there is much analysis going on at my end.  I’m feeling for inflammation, scar tissue, muscular tension, range of motion or the lack there of, and not to mention, paying attention to their response to my work.

I was reminded yesterday of what it felt like to be on the end of my client.  Truthfully, I’m always doing a lot of self-adjusting and stretching to counter act what I do, however I’m always reminded when I get on the table that sometimes, it really does take someone else poking and prodding to break through some of the patterns my body is creating.  Ouch!

Spiritually, I find that to be the case as well.  After all, Christ does describe His church as a ‘body.’  Even when we are doing all we are supposed to be doing .. witnessing, praying, fasting, stretching ourselves, outreach, reading, studying, teaching .. God will remind us that He wants to get us on the table and give us a good work over.  He wants to keep us healthy and active, not restricted and in constant pain.  Let me explain how He works as our personal massage therapist.

Even though we didn’t realize that we were sore in a particular area, He was able to recognize how our walk was becoming a bit skewed by our compensation.  Maybe that little trip up on the curb left a trigger point in our gluts and we started becoming a bit short to those around us.  Perhaps battling several days on that irritating problem created such a ball of tension that your smile became locked upside down.  Perhaps dragging that cross around put a kink in your neck and resentment was attempting to create a permanent barrier between you and your head, i.e. Christ.

Needless to say, I was cringing a lot on the table yesterday.  The good news is that massage stimulates the body’s natural healing process and in effect, forces the body to re-balance itself.  So it goes with our spiritual bodies.  When we allow God to give us a work over, He knows exactly how to find those sore spots, release tension, stimulate our lymphatic system, and reduce the inflammation process.  While it may take a couple of days for the re-balancing process, a spiritual massage will do wonders to help achieve a more active, pain-free spiritual life!

I’m still recovering from my spiritual massage, but I know in a couple of days .. I’ll be feeling great.  If you need a good therapist, I can get you His number.  He’s good.  Really good.

Did I mention that I love what I do?  Oiy …


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