Rise up and walk ..

I remember when I was converted.  No one had to tell me to make a commitment.  I was willing to do what needed to be done .. really, I just needed some training and direction.  Turns out, God provided both by putting people in my path to fulfill the desire I had to do what I could for the Lord.  He provided and continues to provide, the direction and teaching I need.

Because of this proof of God’s leading, I have a lot of faith that God will put people in my path that I can be a witness to.  I understand fully that I am a part of His miraculous process.  I willingly take that position with honor.  I am always on the lookout for the people God has deliberately sent in my path that I can be of service to.

Not every encounter is a miraculous turn around that results in a conversion such as my own.  However, I recalled a scripture today that I believe God brought to life before my very eyes.  The scripture was in Acts 3:6 where Peter tells the lame man to ‘… rise up and walk.’

Before you get ahead of me, this man was not lame .. at least not physically.  Spiritually, however, he was certainly crippled.  He shared much of his life with me and since childhood, he has had episode after episode of tragic events.  Despite his case of bad luck, he seemed to have a decent attitude.  I could sense in my spirit though, that there was something amiss.  It was as if he had accepted that bad things are supposed to happen to him because they always had.

When I was done listening to him, I was a bit overwhelmed.  I honestly didn’t know what I could do for him.  Certainly I could offer some physical assistance as a massage therapist, however, what he needed was something no manner of massage can offer .. a whole and complete healing.  So I brought him to my bosses feet.

I just asked if I could pray for him.  I really didn’t feel I had any words of wisdom to offer.  His girlfriend, he and I joined hands, then I prayed a simple prayer as I felt led asking Jesus to heal this man both physically, emotionally, spiritually, and finished with a blessing on their relationship.

When I was done, I looked up and this man’s eyes were wet with tears.  It surprised me because up to this point, his demeanor had been a fun, witty, wall of rough but honest survival … weathered, but holding on.  It was then that the scripture came to mind.  I had this realization that God just performed a miracle before my eyes and my simple little prayer opened the door for this man to ‘rise and walk’ with Christ.

Maybe he won’t experience a miracle physical healing.  I’m certain he will still have to contend with the problems that face him daily.  Perhaps it will be a while before he opens his mouth to praise God as openly as I do.  However, I know that this man recognized the power of God in that moment.  I know that he was touched by God.

I know that God was saying in that moment, ‘Rise and walk with me.’

I didn’t hear God’s voice, but I felt the message was this .. Never underestimate the miracle of simply taking the time to listen, really hear, and care for those I put in your path.  Sometimes that’s all I need to get them to walk with me.

When all other spiritual gifts fail … there is love.

Simply miraculous!


3 thoughts on “Rise up and walk ..

  1. Very inspirational
    Shows what simple obedience can do.
    Keep going from glory to glory
    and from strength to strength.

    …So rise up and walk with Me,
    And gradually you will see,
    The Purpose I have for you;
    Destiny ordained for you.

    It will unfold before you,
    Bring you into great breakthroughs;
    Dawn brighter and brighter;
    Unfurl, bloom like a flower;
    Usher you into your Promised Land;
    In accordance with His command.


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