We interrupt this day for a Praise Break!

Just got done with a FULL days work and I am dog tired!  However, I couldn’t go home and hop in bed before taking a Praise break.  God is so good!  Despite the struggles we face, He always has a way of popping His head in and giving you glimpses of hope!

I was thinking today about how thankful I am for my family .. but I’m even more thankful for having God as the center of it!  What a difference this makes!  Unfortunately, my family has suffered through divorce, however, through that God has revealed Himself to me and it has made ALL the difference!  I have been blessed to be given a second chance at marriage and I can honestly say that I know the difference of facing daily family life with God vs. without God.

Truth is, problems will be there with or without Him.  Difference of knowing Him and learning His way of doing things is that things really do get better!  I am absolutely amazed by His works!  I hope this isn’t considered heresy, but I like to imagine God in His role over His creation.

Remember the Nutty Professor with Robin Williams?  That’s how I imagined Jesus today.  Hair a wreck, big glasses, big note on His back that says ‘God Saves!,’ and a crazy wild look on His face as He jumps from person to person creating calculated explosions to burst through walls of bitterness, anger, and other ugly emotions.  Then, with the excitement of Steve Irwin, Jesus jumps over to the next series of explosions, only this time, it clears the area so well that only love, joy, and happiness survive the blast.  Amazing!

Sometimes I picture Him as a CEO walking in His dark suit and tie considering the proposals that are before Him from Satan.  He pulls His glasses down on His nose half way, considers Satan’s destructive plans and says with wisdom, ‘Okay, go ahead.”  He hands the plans back to Satan and at the same time, hands a note to His angel Gabriel.  The note reads, ‘Hold out blessing for 2 months.  Restructuring vase to handle load of high quality fruit.’

I still can’t believe that I lived so many years of my life not knowing Him.  He is incredible!  I am thankful that I have an eternity to enjoy Him!


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