What if …

A couple of years ago, I felt God impress to me that my husband and I would be missionaries .. not in another country though, right here in our own U.S. of A.  While my husband hasn’t heard the call as clearly as I did, we have both set ourselves up to do the work of the Lord as we feel led.

How do you reach a nation that is so heavy laden with blessings?  How do you reach a people when there is already a church on every street corner?  You would think that with all the churches around, Jesus would be a priority.  Sadly, that’s just not the case.  At least not from my perspective.  In our society, people know about God.  They know all about Jesus.  They even go to church on Sunday.  However, the scriptures pointed out so clearly that in the last days there would be people ‘having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof ..’ 2Tim 3:1-7.

These are some of the people I feel led to reach.

While I was standing in line tonight at a local fundraiser, I watched as people gathered to support the event.  This is an event that is so large, it upsets the economic system because it draws such a crowd.  As I stood there, I thought to myself .. what if these people really knew God?  For all I knew, they could all be professed Christians.

But I got to thinking about … what if?  What if those that do know God got really serious about living for Christ?  What would life be like in our society?  What if people really believed that the power of the Holy Spirit is real and signs really do still follow today?  What if people really believed that they had the authority that Jesus Christ has given us .. to heal, to deliver, to open eyes?

Perhaps we would see people praying on every corner.  Perhaps we would see crowds gathering around to see as the little boy who has been in a wheel chair all his life, gets up and walks.  Perhaps we would see people breaking out in tongues at any given moment as the spirit moved across them.  Perhaps we would see joy unspeakable as mother’s watch their teenagers turn towards God with humility, tears running down their face as they experience a vision of Jesus Christ.  Perhaps we would see teenagers preaching messages and spreading joy unspeakable from the power of God rather than the power of drugs.  Perhaps we would see the book of Acts come to life once again.

What if we really believed that Christ is real?  Would we change our actions?  Would we start reading the Bible and start seeking God for more than just a blessing?  Would we really desire to know and experience God instead of just going through the motions?  Would we really start including God on everything we do instead of just the ‘church’ things?  Would we step out and pray in public for someone we don’t know?  Would we dare to pray in tongues in public as we felt the spirit move upon us?  Would we dare to utilize our gifts of the spirit outside of the church walls?  Would we step out and start doing His work instead of our own?

What if we really took this whole Christian thing serious?

What if ….


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