A Desirable Bride

To be desired … isn’t that what every woman wants from her man?  How many times do we witness in couples the following scenario?  Woman – ‘Why won’t you desire me?’  Man – ‘Why can’t you be more desirable?’

Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at desire.

I used to think I knew what being desired meant.  After all, society does a pretty good job of teaching girls how to dress and act a certain way to get your man to ‘want’ you.  Trouble is, the seductive look, flirtatious demeanor, and challenging remarks  invite lust and temptation, not desire.  Prior to knowing God, I would play that societal flirtatious role.  Little did I realize at the time, but I was responsible for leading men where God did NOT want them to go.

Ugh … it makes me sick to my stomach thinking of it.  Thankfully, God opened my eyes to show me that my behaviour wasn’t desirable at all in His eyes.

While I stopped doing those things, I have to tell you, as a converted Christian woman, it has been a challenge and struggle to figure out how to walk as a woman when much of what I had known was identified as not being cool with God.  My dress .. my demeanor .. communication with men .. Is it okay to be a strong woman? .. I’m supposed to let men lead, but what about when I’m the one willing to step up? .. How do you submit without becoming a door mat? .. How do I become a Christian woman without losing my identity?

Then I got married and a whole new set of questions arose!

The good news is, God takes us at our own pace.  How do we become more desirable in His eyes?  Listen to His voice.  Make the changes He asks you to make.  Keep seeking Him.  As for your mate, I’m learning that God takes care of that too.  Turns out it’s more of a process, not a destination.  I will tell you that it IS possible.  With the help of God, I’ve experienced my husband’s righteous desire many times.  It is remarkably different from what the world teaches!

Becoming a desirable bride for my husband has been a process of allowing God to work on ME first.  To deprogram my way of thinking and allowing God to rebuild my thought processes.  I can’t give you an exact formula because it turns out that God really does work on us as individuals.

To be desired .. I really do think it’s something every woman wants.  Thankfully we have a God who is willing to help us find ourselves in Christ first.  He helps us become the desirable bride that our husband’s want.  He does this without manipulation, without conniving, and without me losing my individuality.  He’s in the process of helping me become the best me I can be.  Thank God for this!  I would much rather be desired because God brought out the best in me, not because I was able to manipulate my husband to want me.  It really does make the marriage so much more beautiful.

If He’s willing to do this for one little girl in Wisconsin, imagine what His bride .. the church .. is gonna’ look like … I imagine breathtakingly beautiful and most desirable!  Thank you Jesus!

He’s coming … SOON!


6 thoughts on “A Desirable Bride

  1. Falon says:

    I tried to hit the like button but I have to be a member, so I am hitting the “Like” Button here!

  2. qiquan says:

    I love my mom, my sisters, and the woman who love me the way I love her. Somehow I found that the world is more complicated than desirable =). But I am grateful for you to finally find your happiness, that is important.


  3. sudebaker says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not giving us formulas and more rules. Beautifully written. And thanks also for subscribing to my blog. I’m doing the same with yours 🙂

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