The Zeal of Steve Irwin

Do you remember Steve Irwin?  He was the Australian guy who hosted a show on Animal Planet.  In this show, he would aggressively pursue all kinds of wild, dangerous animals and handle them with his bare hands.  Things like alligators, snakes, commodo dragons, etc.  Unfortunately, he died from an accidental death while he was filming one of his shows.  Re-runs of this show was on this morning.  I told my son about Steve’s death and my son’s comment was, ‘You would think he would have died from getting bit by a snake or something more dangerous.’  Yeh, that’s what I thought.

I loved this show!  Steve had this great attitude and a spirit of fun and excitement about him.    He really was a big kid just having fun doing what he loved.  He made something really dangerous look not so intimidating.  Not that we should go around handling snakes in real life, however I couldn’t help watch the show and see a few spiritual implications to his work.

Similar to our spiritual lives, we find out that in doing God’s work, there are many snakes, vipers, and dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows.  We tend to run and hide from these things, but perhaps we should consider following Steve’s example and pursue these things with zeal.

Let me clarify, not that we should go around creating problems in our lives, however, when we see the enemy, let’s consider taking a proactive approach instead.  The thing is, when you take an active approach to pursuing these venomous creatures, you are more on your guard.  All your senses are at their peak and you are at the top of your game.  All the training you received is put to good use and yeh, you may get some injuries, but remember, God promised protection from lethal snake bites.  I know from personal example that there is most definitely protection from spiritual snake bites!

It struck me, as my son pointed out, that Steve’s death was an accidental death doing something not so dangerous.  He accidentally boxed in a stingray and it reacted by stinging him in the chest with a barb.  A one-in-a-million chance of this happening!  What’s even more interesting is that the coroner suspects that had Steve not pulled the thorn out, he would have survived.  His instinctive reaction to pulling out the barb actually created more damage to the arteries of the heart.

The moral of his death …. don’t be so quick to pull out the thorn.  Even if it did get put there when you thought you were in a safe zone.

Steve and his zeal  …. thank you God for his example!


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