The Pride of Life

A couple of years ago, God took me through some ‘lessons in life’ if you will.  One particular lesson, I was at a youth baseball team.  My son was playing.  He was new and not as good as some of the other boys who had been playing for years.  When he was up to bat, I prayed that God would help him hit.  I felt in my spirit though, God telling me to just watch.  God wasn’t going to give him a hit.  I knew this.  True enough, he ended up striking out.  I could tell he was frustrated.  But the team and the coach cheered him on and he continued the game.  The next time he was up to bat, he swung a little better, but once again, struck out.  It wasn’t until the third time up, that he finally hit and made it to 2nd base.

As much as I wanted my little boy not to fail, I learned the lesson of God allowing us to achieve versus simply getting an easy hit from God.  My little boy had a sense of accomplishment because he stuck it out, didn’t quit, and when he hit, it was because of his efforts to improve his swing.

I heard a sermon once by Gerald Jeffers where he spoke of pride.  The angle was different from what you think though.  It was very similar to the lesson God gave me.  Essentially, the message was that we get so hung up as Christians on not being prideful that we forget the importance of playing a role in working for God.  It’s good to know that we play a part.  It’s okay to be excited and proud of our accomplishments.  Yes, there is a fine line where pride can get in the way and create a problem if we aren’t careful, but shouldn’t we trust that God will correct us if we get out of line?

It’s not a bad thing to want to be a better witness, to want to learn how to be more effective at spiritual discernment, to desire a better handle on teaching Bible studies.  And it’s also okay to take pride in yourself for the accomplishments you’ve made.  You should be proud of yourself when you look at your walk and realize that you’ve come so far from where you started.  Of course, that is assuming you’ve gotten closer to God instead of further.

Funny that He would use kids to show me that lesson.  Sometimes I forget I’m just a kid in God’s eyes.  🙂


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