Jesus marvelled!

Did you know that Jesus marvelled?  He did!  God in flesh, the Alpha and the Omega, actually marvelled!  You can find this scripture in Mark 6:6.  This scripture struck me when I read it.  Having my own idea of what ‘marvelled’ meant, I decided to do a further study.

According to Strong’s Concordance, a further breakdown of the original word means to wonder or by implication, to admire.  Webster defines marvel as:  to arrest the attention and gaze, or to pause.  Webster defines wonder as: that emotion which is excited by novelty, of something new, unusual, strange, or extraordinary.  And admire is defined as:  to regard with surprise mingled with reverence.

So what was it that Jesus ‘marvelled’ at?  Their unbelief.

Truthfully, I’m still studying this whole thing out, but what I’ve found so far really excites me!  The fact is, God in flesh, had His attention arrested by something that He KNEW was going to happen.  He knew from the beginning that many people would not believe that He was God.  As a matter of fact, we know from reading scripture that this unbelief was the very thing that God would use as a segway to help graft in all.  (see Romans 11:30-32)

As I was studying this out, I could imagine Jesus going about His business, then suddenly, He sees the reaction of unbelief and He just stops .. dead in His tracks with a look of wonder in His eyes .. perhaps there was even a sparkle.  I imagine Him thinking, ‘This is EXACTLY how I planned it would happen!’  It’s like a scientist playing out all his formulas and planning and figuring out ahead of time what is supposed to happen, but when it actually happens, there is an amazement and gratification that spurs the scientist on to the next discovery, and the next, and the next!

What did Jesus do after this?  He taught, called His disciples together, and gave them power to cast out unclean spirits.  I can imagine His thoughts being something along the line of, ‘Everything is right on track.”

Of course, I could be wrong, but I really don’t think I am.  There are too many scriptures that support the plan having been struck up from the beginning.  There are too many scriptures that support a positive viewpoint of the things we tend to deem as negative.  This is cool because it shows how even though God knew the plan, it still had to be played out … He still had to play His role.

This is really awesome because it shows even more just how involved God is with His creation.  It was always His intent to be involved with us.  To experience and be a part of the plan, not to be an irrelevant figure dictating what happens and just standing by and watching.  And how cool is it that He gets a chance to experience the same emotions we do?  Ha!  Ha!  Actually, we were created in HIS image, not He in ours.  Sometimes I think we forget that.

Anyway, I think this is cool.  Jesus marvelled!  Wow!

Everything is right on track!

He’s coming.  SOON!


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