Sometimes we just need to be defragmented!

For the most part, I think obedience gets a bad rap.  When we hear of being obedient, we think of the prim and proper young lady .. dull and ordinary.  Or we think of the little boy .. soldier like.  Certainly very respectful, and great for him, but for me?  Nah!  That’s way too boring.

I think maybe we need a new perspective.  When we look at it from God’s perspective, we see that this is one of the indicators that shows we love God.  It’s also an indicator of our faith and belief.  The more obedient we are to Him and the things He asks, the more indication that our faith is strong, our belief is real, and our love is sure.

For me, I find that obedience is becoming more my safety zone in situations where life wants to get the best of me.  To those watching me, I’m certain I probably become more like that prim and proper young lady. Truth be told, in those moments, I’m not always at a point where I understand why I have to do the things God asks me to do.  Especially if I feel I’ve been wronged.

I had this thought once that perhaps it would be easier to put the thought in my head, ‘just listen.’  However, to me, that feels so patronizing.  It doesn’t feel obedient at all.  It feels more like I’ll go along with what’s said, but my heart refuses to truly consider that perhaps there is some insight for me to gain through the situation.

So instead, I put my petition in with God.  I let Him know I don’t understand, that I’m not even sure I agree with how it’s to be done, but alas, I will go forward in obedience with respect, but also with a protective mindset.  It’s strange, but somehow, in those moments, I find that this tactic actually allows me to become more of an observer of the situation which helps me stay more clear minded and focused on getting through the situation as opposed to sitting and relishing in the muck.

It never ceases to fail that when I walk in obedience and ‘do what is right,’ somehow it’s as if God defragments my brain cells, rearranging them into something that takes that offense and puts it back in a file for Him to deal with.  Truthfully, I know the problem could crop up at another time, but I am learning that when I allow God to do the work, not only does He work on me, He works on those around me as well.  I’m also learning that some situations aren’t easily solved with a simple answer and really do require allowing God to file away a concern for a later time.

In the meantime, the reward for my obedience … peace of mind.  First, a peace that truly does surpass all understanding because I don’t even know how He gave it to me .. especially when it’s my tendency to want to hold on and not let go.  Secondly, peace of mind that God is working in and on the situation.

‘It’s okay,’ He tells me, ‘I got this.’

Ahhh … peace.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes we just need to be defragmented!

  1. Rachel Elizabeth Mast says:

    Um yeeeeeah…. Almost always His response is… “um…. Baby?…. U know I got this…. So, Just chill out… & watch this!…. ” & then Booya! Hahaha…. Gets me smiling every time!… Gotta love Gods beautiful sense of humor…

  2. Rachel Elizabeth Mast says:

    Yea, also believe in the defragmentation…. & trust that it effects ur cells… Watch as God heals u from the inside out!… He’s in ur DNA! Haha…. Who knew?… Complete genius! Ever amazed!….. I mean…. THANK GOD! Wooooooooo hoooooooo!

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