Hedge breaking news!

Oh how the Word will come to life if you let it!  2 Tim 3:16-17 promises us that the Word is profitable and helps perfect us unto works of righteousness.  Heb 4:12 tells us that the word is quick, powerful, and able to discern not only thoughts, but intents of the heart.

I want to share a glimpse of how God did that for me this morning.  I kept thinking about those weeds I wrote about.  More specifically, I was thinking about a species of roses that produce thickets of thorns that the DNR has labeled as invasive.  I also got to thinking about how Paul had that thorn in his side.  I felt compelled to open to Ecclesiastes 10:8 this morning.

I’ve been dealing with a situation of late that is not going to resolve anytime soon.  It’s of course, very stressful.  However, I have had this thought that I know God is going to use the situation to somehow bring light to someone who has been a thorn in my side.  When I was led to Ecc. this morning, I was reminded that when you determine to break through a hedge, you WILL be bitten by a snake.  However, Mark 16:18 promises me that snakes won’t hurt me.

So what’s the bite of the snake you ask?  For me, it’s the venom of the enemy.  It’s bitterness, anger, retaliation .. all the ugly emotions that you feel when you experience the sting and pain of breaking through a wall of thorns that God directed to go through.  … Ugh .. do I really have to go there God?

I have to share that the beginning of the verse God led me to speaks of a man falling into a pit that he dug.  In my situation, I was asking myself if I was digging a pit, but I honestly feel that the pit is being dug for me, not by me.  How easy it would be to just rest on that with a triumphant, ‘There!  He’ll get his!’  But wouldn’t you know it?  That two-edged sword is right there to divide my thoughts and reveal my intents and push me toward righteousness.  Needless to say, I was compelled to continue my search.  Sigh … if I must, I must.

I searched out ‘pit’ with my bible study program.  I found that ‘pit’ was mostly used in reference to bad things.  Pits aren’t good places to be.  They are dark, dank, scary, and often used to bury dead people.  However, Joseph found himself in a pit.  But Joseph was also delivered from the pit and used in a mighty way to help deliver the very people who put him in the pit.  … Well .. maybe God’s onto something here.

Psalms 40:2 also promises that God will lift us up out of the miry pit and set our feet upon a rock, making our steps secure.  For me, I found promise and comfort in these verses.  First of all, for myself.  Sometimes when people are determined to throw you in a pit, like Joseph’s brothers, they succeed.  However, I’ve got a promise that says God will lift me out of it.  … Hmmm .. this is getting better!

Second of all, for the guy who’s trying to dig a pit for me … I find hope.  I really do believe God is allowing this situation to continue because I believe it’s God intent to deliver this guy unto salvation as well.  Not sure it will be this exact situation, but I am certain God’s intent is to save this guy too.  So if this guy happens to fall into the pit he’s digging for me, I have hope that God will deliver him as well.  …  Okay!  Okay!  I get it, salvation is for everyone, not just the people who make my life easy.

When you really get into the Word of God, and allow Him to reveal what’s really going on in your heart, it’s an amazing thing.  You know, the things He reveals aren’t always pretty things.  After all, it’s only with light that we can really see the little thistle that was stuck in our side.  It’s also only in the light that we can effectively remove the thistle.

Plus, as I continue to hunt around in the woods, I’m learning that the best way to walk through a thicket of thorns is properly dressed with my hands raised high.  So as long as I put on the full armour of God and keep my hands raised in praise, I think I might just make it through that hedge after all! …. Ahhhh!  …  There!  All better!


3 thoughts on “Hedge breaking news!

  1. Ted says:

    I heard it said once that pit stands for Preach In Training. At least it was for Joseph.

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