A little adjustment ….

My husband is teaching me to hunt.  He’s a hunter.  A very skilled hunter.  When we first got together, I just enjoyed being with him in the woods.  He would point out things like deer poop, scrapings, rubs, and the more elusive things like the tiny path indicating deer movement and empty acorn shells where they had recently eaten.  Truthfully, I enjoyed him sharing these things, but more because I was just happy to spend time with him.  I also spent several nights each season sitting all bundled up next to him on the deer stand he propped up, watching him call in deer and even had a chance to witness a couple harvests.  For some women this may sound strange.  For me, it was quality alone time with my man.

He got me my own bow last year.  I think it’s really more of a kid bow, but being a little person, the size has suited me well.  I’ve climbed my way up the ranks and have officially made the legal poundage to actually kill a deer.  So my husband decides to upgrade me to a bigger bow.  I think my husband was a bit disappointed because I wasn’t jumping with excitement.  I couldn’t help it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like the new bow, it’s just that the darn thing seemed so heavy compared to the one I had been using.  I was thinking, ‘Man!  This is gonna’ take forever to figure out how to hold without killing my arm!’  Plus I use my arms in my profession and truthfully, I was a bit concerned of the ramifications this new bow would cause.

But being a good sport, I sucked it up and we went out to try the new bow.  Immediately, things were different.  It started with him taking me out to the woods to practice, as in our actual hunting spot.  As I started shooting the bow though, I felt like I was struggling.  I was a bit discouraged because I was kind of excited about practicing in the very place I was going to be hunting.  I was actually starting to catch that ‘hunter bug.’  I think I must have had one of those pain looks on my face though and may have even let out a complaint about the discomfort I was feeling.  My husband looks at me, walks over, adjusts my hand that holds the bow, then tells me … try that.  As soon as I pulled the next arrow back, I could tell a night-to-day difference!  Wow!

Something clicked inside me after that.  I was officially ‘bit by the bug!’  It was as if up to that point, I was moving forward toward hunting, but more so because I was following his lead.  Not because I really thought I could do more than just be with him as he hunted.  But now, something had changed that gave me an ounce of control and confidence to show me, I can do this … and I can be successful at this … and I can do it without it hurting!  It was just a little hand adjustment that took me from hunting being a burden physically to something that could really be enjoyed!

I think our spiritual walk is like that.  I read Gary Wilkerson’s newsletters.  In the last issue, the writer spoke of how it isn’t anything that we do that saves us.  Truthfully, I was a little concerned that his angle was going to make people think that they could just sit on their duffs and let Jesus do all the work.  However, as I continued reading, he explained that understanding this actually encourages people to want to do more for Christ.  Not begrudgingly because they have to ‘earn’ their way, but because out of joy of wanting to be pleasing to the Lord.

For me, I’ve been happily plodding along with Christ, happy to just be with Him.  But I would by lying if I didn’t say there have been moments where I felt begrudgingly about some of the things I felt compelled to do for Him.  However, not because I felt I had to earn my way, more so because I felt like God had given me a bigger bow than I could really handle and sometimes I feel like I’m going to collapse under the burden of trying to carry the darn thing!  But then, He goes and does it again.  He looks at me, makes a minor adjustment, and BAM!  That bow I was carrying just got a whole lot more comfortable and easier to carry!  I love it when He does that!

It really is amazing how a little adjustment can make all the difference!

He’s coming!  SOON!  🙂


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