This was never for just a few …

I remember how awesome it felt when I was truly introduced to the kingdom of God.  How wonderful it felt to feel the peace of God as I spoke out in tongues, sang in the spirit, how glorious it was to be surrounded by the Spirit of God as it filled those around me.  If you have never been to a service where the Spirit of God swept through a stadium taking a couple thousand sin sick people and literally transforming them into a tide of a beautiful orchestra, I pray that God leads you to a place where you can witness this.  Where you can literally pinpoint the exact moment that the annointing of God falls upon the crowd.  It is absolutely breathtaking!

But I also remember thinking … the WORLD needs this!  How many people do we know who have never witnessed this, let alone experienced it?  How many people have never experienced the Love of God that comes just from literally being in HIS presence?

What saddens and burdens me tremendously is that unfortunately, there are so many who have this and yet, they don’t share it.  They enjoy it for themselves, but they forget, it was never meant to be just for them.  Why is it that we forget that the church was never meant to exist inside a building?  We forget that God’s work was never meant to just happen inside the walls of a congregation or an organization.  We forget that God’s church doesn’t have a title … it’s God’s church .. PERIOD!

Sharing God’s light and truth meant going into the world.  For those of us who have forgotten and stagnated .. who have perhaps reaped the benefits of God’s glorious gifts but maybe forgot that there is still work to do outside the walls of our Sunday sheep shack, I pray that we pick ourselves up and get back to doing what God called us to do.  I pray that when the challenges come to stop us, that we don’t just settle for what’s comfortable.  I pray that we start to seek God’s guidance on who HE wants us to reach out to.  Sometimes .. it may not just be who we thought it would be.  Sometimes .. He may be calling us to greater works, but we are just too comfortable to step out and realize that calling.  I pray that if you feel that calling today, that you step out in faith and trust that He will lead you do what He has called you to do.

After all, this was never meant to be for just a few.


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