Got a burden?

Have you ever had a burden that you felt to pray for?  Or have you ever had something that you know God was calling you to do that you knew would require a spiritual battle?  Have you ever wished that you had someone that you knew you could trust to pray for that situation and do some of the spiritual battling with you?

I would like to offer my assistance.  If you fit this category, I would like to help.  I would like to clarify though.  If you are looking for prayer for a new house or some sort of blessing in your life to simply stop the tough stuff in your life, I’m afraid I won’t be much help.  I would simply pray for God’s will and I happen to believe that some of the tough stuff we go through is necessary to prepare us for the spiritual battle He wants to use us for.

However, if God has laid something on your heart … to share truth … to step out and pray someone through to the spirit … to start a new direction that you know is going to cause waves and you know you’ll need other saints to help battle where you can not see … these are the type of burdens I feel led to be an intercessor for.

You can give some detail or you can simply say .. God knows the burden.  Some burdens are just hard to share with others.  I trust that God will still know how to direct my prayers toward your situation.  Feel free to email me at  I’m going on a limb putting my email out there, but I trust that if God led you to this blog, perhaps He wants you to know that you aren’t alone and that there really are people out there who not only know the enemy, but have the heart of God and want to use their gift as it was intended  .. to propel the Kingdom of God forward.

And if you happen to have a desire to be available as a part of my prayer circle and are willing to share a burden or two of mine, please email me and let me know.  I understand now more than ever the importance of standing together with the Saints of God.

May God bless you on your quest today!


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