There’s always a reason ..

There is one saying that I hear quite frequently that I’m not so certain I agree with.  It’s the phrase, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’  Typically speaking, it’s used in reference to a moment of exasperation in an effort to ‘make sense’ of a senseless situation.  Forgive my cynicism, but typically, there is a false hope attached to this statement.  A hope that says, somehow, there is a grand plan that was designed to specifically include hurting others.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t buy into that.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason .. but not with the sadistic image of God attached.  Allow me to explain.  The child lost his life because the guy who was driving the other vehicle got drunk and went for a drive when he should have stayed home instead.  Sin, Choice, and Chance all converged at the same time on the road that day, and wham!  The end result was the little boy lost his life.  Does that somehow mean that God’s grand plan intended for this little boy to die because this dude needed to learn how to be responsible?  I just can’t buy into that.

Or there was this time that my office was broke into and someone stole $700 in cash.  The culprit was never found.  I was one of 5 local business’ broke into that lost a sum of cash.  Certainly there was a reason.  The reason was some guy got it in his head that he was going to target small businesses and steal from them instead of going and getting a job like a responsible American.  Was this some grand plan for God to use me and 4 others’ while some dude got away with a load of cash?  Perhaps the guy had a plan to see if he could pull off a heist like you see in the movies, but other than that, no.  I don’t believe this was a part of God’s grand plan.  It was a situation where I had to simply shrug my shoulders and say, ‘Man that sucks.  Guess I’m out $700.’

That being said, I do believe God can use these situations.  I don’t believe God intended for that little boy to die, but since it happened, He’ll use it to His advantage to glorify Love.  In this case, it wasn’t the driver, it was the mom.  A mother who had lost a 2-year old .. nothing any mother should go through.  Through this, she overcame hate and bitterness and started a program to educate those drivers who had DUIs about why it’s so important to drink responsibly.  God didn’t intend for this little boy to die, but He used the situation to glorify how His love can help us through situations.

As for my situation, maybe it was easier because I wasn’t alone and I never really knew who did it, but I really did just accept that I had to take a loss and move on.  I did learn that sometimes people steal and do bad things to others and sometimes you find yourself as the recipient of those bad things.  These are things I already knew though.  Maybe all that happened because the grand plan was that some day, I could recall the situation and blog about it.

Or maybe, just maybe, people really do stupid things where sin, chance, and choice are bound to collide.  Yep, there’s always a reason.  Just glad God decided to become a recycler, deciding to reuse the garbage instead of just tossing us all out again.  That would have really sucked.

Yep .. there’s always a reason.


2 thoughts on “There’s always a reason ..

  1. audentiae says:

    My priest actually gave a similar homily a while back. He used a similar situation as an example. This really makes sense to me, and I think you explained it really well.

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