Look Ma! I can Fly!

Have you ever seen an acrobatic act where two people twist, turn, and manipulate the human body using the other person as the base?  I saw this once in Vegas where two very strong men did acts of balance that I didn’t even know was gravitationally possible!  Its one of those things that you watch with  your jaw dropped, eyes wide open, wondering, ‘How? … What? … Can they really?  …  gasp … INCREDIBLE!’

Well, when my step-daughter, who went to state as a gymnast in high school, asked me if she could, ‘fly me,’ I found out how they could do this wonderful feat.  I decided to give this flying thing a try.  Honestly, I felt like a little girl again, tumbling with the girl who knew what she was doing.  She lies on the floor, places her feet on my hip sockets, gives me her hands, then up we go.  Just like you do to your two-year old when he wants to ‘go for a ride!.’  She then proceeded to direct me to place my hand here, grab my foot there, and twist here, tossing me around like a human bean bag.  At one point, she had her feet on my belly and had me put my arms in the air, feet up, posed like a skydiver and I was in effect … flying.

Now the switch up.  Having two chicken sticks for legs, I thought she would have been reluctant to let me be the base, but when I offered to fly her, she gladly accepted.  Admittedly, I was a bit more on the wobbly side.  I haven’t quite figured out how to find my center yet, especially when it involves not dropping the human body I’m now responsible for holding up.  I did get it at one point, but turns out that it can get tricky if your confidence moves faster than your partner’s ability to find their center.

Of course, being the gymnast she is, she made it look so easy.  But as I was following her directions, having every ounce of me supported by her two petite legs, I realized very quickly that it wasn’t just about us trusting each other, it was also about us cooperating together.  Unless we were working together as a team, it didn’t have the same effect.  If I had been flimsy and let her do all the work, she might have gotten me up, but I’d just as quickly have come back down.  Plus, while she was an excellent base, if I was always willing to take but never give back, my flying days might be short-lived.

Man, there are so many spiritual analogies here!  Didn’t  God say something about working with others?  It really is more like an acrobatic act!  Sometimes we can lift people up, but unless they do their part, they won’t stay up.  Sometimes our confidence to do our part gets ahead of the ones we are working with and well, things get out of balance and we both fall.  Sometimes we find others who always want a lift, but seem oblivious to their part of giving back.  Then sometimes, we get a really good teacher who may be learning herself, but provides an excellent base and a willingness to learn and take a few falls so that someone else can learn to be the base too.  Hmmmm …..

Yeh .. this flying thing .. it was pretty cool!


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