Sometimes you have to do it yourself.

‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, And his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.’  Matthew 6:33

I’m still in memoir mode .. picking up the bits and pieces as God recalls them to mind.  In particular, I’m speaking of the spiritual journey to get to know God better.  This was different than when God opened my spiritual eyes.  This was a time of extended fasting and praying … a time of getting to know God on a more intimate level.  This scripture, in particular, was one that was steadfast in my mind during this time.

I was willing to put EVERYTHING aside.  Literally.  To some, that’s a crazy thought … to me, it was biblical.  I laid it all out on the line, and I trusted God to  lead me.  I was on a path determined to move only one way .. toward Him.

I heard a Theologian speak one time about who God was.  He spoke of how we spend so much time talking about God to others, but challenged us to consider asking God about who He was.  This speaker used some big fancy word for what this was called, but the word escapes me at the moment.  However, the point remained.  We are so intent to ask or debate with others on who God is, but how often do we really ask God?  And are we really willing to wait for His response?  What if the very thing we always thought … was wrong?

We live in a day of deception.  I am still just as excited today, as I was yesterday about the fact that Jesus is coming back.  However, I can’t help but take a look around me and wonder, how the heck is Jesus going to pull this off and take this utter chaos and turn in into something beautiful?  I feel myself cringing for those who knowingly turn their head every time Jesus is mentioned.  I feel my insides wrench as others continue to walk toward deception.  They haven’t a clue what they are really missing out on!

Somehow, I know that Jesus is going to pull this all together.  I KNOW it.  I know that He can use things and use them for His purpose; that’s scriptural (Romans 8:28).  I just really hope that people take time now to start asking God about who He is.  Not just that, but I hope that people begin to experience for themselves that having a personal relationship with Christ is a beautiful thing.  He will lead the way into righteousness and give you understanding of why He is asking you to do or not do things He is asking.  I promise!

But don’t take my word for it … ask Him yourself.






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