And … we’re off!

My husband took me for a walk in the woods this morning.  He was showing me the latest spot that he’s landed for us to go hunting this fall.  Normally I’m properly dressed for hiking, but this morning, I was in knickers and flip-flops leaving my feet and ankles exposed to nettles, thorns, and the many insects looking for fresh blood.  Needless to say … OUCH!

I’m not much for being on something else’s meal plan.  In an effort to keep from complaining though, I bring up the garden, as in Adam and Eve.  I tell my husband that there must have been something that kept bugs from nibbling on these two very naked people.  His comment in return was, ‘There weren’t bugs in the garden.’

Maybe he’s right.  Maybe there wasn’t.  However, I have this tendency to assume that when he makes a comment that negates my stance, he must want to debate.  Like most passionate women, I’m always game for a good debate with the love of my life.  Deep breath … and fire!  I begin by pointing out to him that the Bible clearly says God’s act of creation was six days, and while bugs are not pointed out as clearly as the beasts of the air or field, it certainly doesn’t say that there was any more creating going on and since bugs are here, they surely must have been there from the beginning.  I also point out that man was given charge over creatures and told him that there must have been an unspoken rule about boundaries and since Adam and Eve broke their boundaries, it must have opened the door for other creatures to violate their boundaries as well.  Some pretty good points, if I do say so myself.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and I don’t have much time before we have to head back for our workday to begin.  He looks at me very eagerly, knowing the time constraint, and asks if we have time to check out this other place across the path.  I see his tactic … diversion!

Of course, I’m not really too keen on jumping back into the thicket of thistles, and he really did look so cute with those eager big brown sparkling eyes, so I opt to stay on the path, planning my next rebuttal.  As I swipe at my arm, I begin to think about all the beautiful bugs.  Some bugs are creepy .. and well, annoying, yes … but having two boys and a little girl who enjoys traipsing through woods herself, I have learned to appreciate the insect world.  There are some pretty cool crawlers out there!

I got to thinking, ‘Man, if I were a bug, I would be a bit disappointed if I found out I wasn’t part of the original plan.’  Can you imagine?  The lowest in the food chain and you would ONLY be a part if something bad happened in the garden?  What if it all went perfectly?  As a bug, I might not be here right now!  That just doesn’t sound like God to me.  Anyway, when my husband came back, I was all geared up for my next point.  Meanwhile, he’s excitedly pointing out the rivers and beaten paths of where the deer have definitely been.  Wow, he’s good at this diversion thing.  Or maybe I’m just really wearing him down!

Hmmm … or maybe, I need to rethink this whole debate thing .. he doesn’t seem to be catching on.  Those big brown eyes get me every time!


One thought on “And … we’re off!

  1. Rachel Elizabeth Mast says:

    Haha…. Give in to giving it up…. There lies the beauty in it!… Just love….

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