The Reality of It All

I had this image in my mind yesterday.  It was an image of Christ being nailed to the cross.  He was a bloody mess, but still living.  There were all kinds of people around and every one of them had mallets.  Each one was angry, madder than mad.  Each one waiting to get his turn to pound the nail into Jesus’ hands.  I found that a mallet had been thrown at me and I caught it.  You would think that I would have thrown it down immediately, but I didn’t.  I was ticked off that someone had thrown it at me and it took me a bit to realize that all my ranting and raving with a mallet in my hand, was putting me in the same position as everyone else; waiting for my turn to pound the nail into Jesus’ hands.  So I tossed it to the ground and just stood by Jesus.  I recognized the one who had thrown the mallet, and after dropping my own mallet, I considered telling him to put his down, but knew that my heart was still blaming him for tossing it to me in the first place, so I did my best to just keep from picking up another mallet.

What’s the motive?  My husband and I talk about this all the time. Our house is never without a dull moment.  Every single day, we are challenged with what seems to be, more than our fair share.  Often I find myself doing exactly what I just described, catching mallets that have been thrown at me and realizing all too late, that I could simply have just cast it down.  So the motive question is an important one.  I know it helps him and I to get back to common ground.  It helps us both remember that we are literally at the foot of the cross.  I’m pretty certain we toss the mallet back and forth at times, and I don’t know how He does it, but somehow Jesus convinces us both to just put it down.

My stepdaughter, on her own spiritual journey, spoke of God’s amazing grace yesterday.  Yes, I have to agree.  It is the reality of it all.


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